Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bedtime Prayers

"When I was a child and it came the bedtime hour
I would kneel by my bed and say my nightly prayers
I would shut my eyes and ask for a lot of foolish things;
Like a new bicycle or a new wagon or a toy train

"I prayed for new clothes; those that were in style
I prayed for good grades so my parents would smile
I prayed only for me and no one else
I left it to others to pray for themselves

"The youthful things I prayed for came to pass
But I learned they were things that did not last
I look back now and see that I was vain
To pray only for me while others were in pain

"Now that I am older my prayers have changed
I no longer ask God for material things
I pray for strength to make it through the day
I pray for courage to keep my fears at bay

"I pray for people with lonely souls
I pray for the hungry and the cold
I pray for little orphans without homes
I pray for those who are shut-in and all alone

"I pray that tensions in the world will ease
I pray that we will find everlasting peace
And each night before I go to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep"
- Ellen Bailey

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